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They discover a star with mega-structures alien


Oaxaca.- The research on the star discovered, known as VVV-WIT-07, was published in advance on the portal.

Warning was given to the astronomers about the celestial object while examining data from the Variables Variables program, which is studying the central area of ​​the Llaethog Road, and looking for supernovas and stars Suddenly lighten as they explode. The scientists had the VVV-WIT-07 comments in the period 2010 to 2018.

In these years, the brightness of the star has increased and decreased without an established pattern, until it arrives some minutes to do so by 80%.

"We do not know what kind of object it is," said astronomer Roberto Saito, from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianópolis, Brazil. "And that's interesting," he added, quoted by Science News.

The scientists who collaborate with them confirm that the VVV-WIT-07 might have some form of debris by orbiting that it will block its light from time to time. But Saito's colleagues say they need more observations to decide if this is the case for the variations.

The behavior of the object is similar to other sticky stars, called one of Tabby (KIC 8462852), which also showed important changes in its decline of up to 22%. Among the theories of this strange dark pattern, one suggested that there was an alien megastructure that exists around the star.

However, the 2018 investigation indicated that the colorful changes in KIC 8462852 were the result of dust particles that block some wavelengths of light, not to the object of a large object.

There is also another flashing star, J1407, whose behavior fits even more with VVV-WIT-07. This star is transported from time to time by up to 95%, according to the discovery in 2012 from the team of the serpentist Eric Mamajek, from the University of Rochester in New York. Servers think that J1407 is home to a planet in its orbit with a huge massive system that turns out the star from time to time.

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