Saturday , February 27 2021

They discover a new region of the brain that could be linked to movements

Region of the brain, of the name endo-terminal kernel, discovered near the backbone junction, after almost 30 years of suspecting its existence for the first time, reported academic sources on Monday.

"The region is interesting because it appears to be absent at the Macaque Rhesus and other animals we have studied," said discovery George Paxinos, brain cartographer and specialist from New South Wales University ( UNSW).

"There are some things that are unique in the human brain beyond a large size and the endo-final nucleus can be one of them," says the Greco expert Australia in Australian Neuroscientific Research and author of Atlas World Brain Atlas.

The endorestiform kernel is located within the lower cerebellar peduncle, an area that integrates sensory and motorized information to refine our posture, balance and minor motor movements, which includes small movements in the hands , feet, fingers, lips or tongue.

"I just guessed its functions, but considering the part of the brain that it means, it could be associated with the management of minor motor movements," says the scientist.

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