Monday , October 3 2022

They develop a brain generator that can help epileptic


SYDNEY / Australia.- Researchers in Aberystwyth Australia they develop a small device which creates electrical stimuli in the brain that could contribute to treatment epilepsy a Parkinson, he reported academic sources today.

The device, from the name StendrodeFour millimeters are diameter and are implanted without the need for invasive surgery – through a throat-throat – in a blood vessel near the motorcycle areas to emit local stimuli.

"We have created a two-way digital communication device by adding the ability to speak to the brain through an electrical stimulus," the leader said at the research. Nick Opie, in a statement by the University of Melbourne.

This technology, which is based on previous applications on the use of Stentrode to pharlysis, opens the door to treatments for diseases such as epilepsy and Parkinson, who need open brain operations complex.

"In an application, the Stentrode can be used as an instrument to record the beginning of epileptic seizure and provide the stimulus to prevent it," Opie explained.

The device could also be used to develop less intrusive treatments for conditions such as low depression and obsessive-compulsory disorders, the statement added.

The research, which included a number of medical and academic institutions and a company in Melbourne, included testing with this device in sheep.

"We noticed the response caused by the muscles and facial extremities and these are similar to those obtained with electrodes implanted by invasive surgery, "said the researchers, whose work has been published in the journal Nature Biofedical Engineering.

The scientists highlighted that invasive minimum surgery using a matrix of electrode stent could be an effective and safe way to stimulate the central brain regions.

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