Thursday , August 18 2022

They detect toxic chemicals in blue whales Chile


O & fore Study 37 blue whales in Gwlad Corcovado, in front of Chiloé, it was decided to be fat in it Polishing and slowing down chemicals.

It is an analysis made by a Spanish pharmacist Juan Muñoz-Arnanz, from the Institute of Chemistry of the University of Barcelona, ​​who reviewed samples taken by Cetácea Conservation Center (CCC-Chile), explaining the newspaper And Mercury

The study is a further proof that the oceans of the world are "very contaminated," he said. Barbara Galletti, president of the CSC.

Among the chemicals found are compounds such as DM, polychlorin two-rushes (PCB) and hexachlorobenzene (FICI3), which are genericly known as ICON Continuous Organic Halogion.

Although the presence of these chemicals has already been discovered, the current research was discovered for the first time Concentrations of toxins in the pattern of these animals in the southern hemisphere, although the figure is smaller than that north.

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