Sunday , August 14 2022

They confirm that, in the cases of hantavirus in Epuyn, there was a transfer from person to person – Infofueguina


The Nation Health Secretary confirmed, through the analysis of the National Laboratory and Health Institutions Administration (ANLIS). Carlos Malbrn, the transfer of person-to-person during an antiviral with a focus on Epuyn, which began on November 2, 2018 and also affected the towns of Chubut Trevelin and El Maitn, and El Bolsn in Ro Negro.

It is important to recognize the work of ANLIS professionals and highlight the ability that has been installed in our country to give a definite solution that authenticates the inter-human transmission at genetic level during the period of Epuyn, Secretary of Health, Adolfo Rubinstein, said.

The officer added, as we thought of the beginning, that the features of this case were different and the measures taken to their content were exceptional. Today, ANLIS studies confirm that our assumption is accurate and isolation is a successful tool.

According to Indic, the relative analysis, as the first result, showed that the cause of the viral genotype indeed was Andes Sur, which had already been indicated by the techniques classical of characteristic of genotype.

In addition, a percentage of genetic identity of 99.9 per cent was found among all the case sequences analyzed, he added, stating that this perception confirms the mechanism of transferring person-to-person unanimously.

Comparison with genomic sequences related to cases that were not related to the case and equivalent to other endemic regions of the country, including those of the 1996 cases in El Bolsn, allowed to identify unique changes in the viral genome of the stress that is related to the case. Epuin, which could give more potential for dispersion.

Unlike what happened in El Bolsn in 1996, the episode of the Epuyn case was not self-restrictive, but it was necessary to set tight measures of optional respiratory insulation to break the transmission chain.

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