Friday , March 5 2021

They beat him, they rape and burn their genes: they condemn subjects that killed his friend in Chiloé

Javier Nahuelneri Ojeda He died on February 13 this year as a result of a violent sexual assault from his friends and at his own home.

As he passed by, the man with three recognists was in his house located in it Lemuy Island, i Puqueldón, The Chiloé, but after a large amount of alcohol, he was beaten and pulled attached to wires in his bed.

Following this, the assailants tied a leaflet on his throat, raped and they burn part of their genetal.

The assault was found to die by a relative, who came straight to it August Riffart de Castro.

However, a day later Nahuelneri Ojeda was transferred to Prior to Santiago's central position because of her serious health condition. After dying for 13 days, the 51-year-old man died at the healthcare facility.


After nine months since the dirty attack, Marcos Llaipén Escobar, Juan Nahuel Loncón to Luis Vásquez Colipichún They were condemned for beating, burning and rushing their friend, as reported on Tuesday by La Estrella de Chiloé.

According to what was set up in the trial, the group attacked different objects homeowner, all of them before the cross.

"In time not determined between the afternoon of the 29th and the 30th of January from 2018, in circumstances that the victim, Javier Enrique Nahuelneri Ojeda, is eating alcohol in his house after settling in Los Arrayanes order … (the accused) he attacked him until he was taken compulsory and was deceived by all accused"Read the judge who presided over the court, according to those reported by El Quellonino.

Local media also adds that the condemned-in-by attacks his victim to unconscious, burns his fields and presents spoon in the anus. Later they leave to a fate, until it was found on January 30 for about 13 hours.

While the Public Administration asked for life sentence qualified, sentenced to the tres accused 16 years in prison for rape and simple homicide, according to setting up Oral Court in Castro Criminal Matters.

"It was possible to accredit testimonial, expert and documentary evidence to be able to determine the participation of the three in both illegal ones," said the Ministry prosecutor, Luis Barria, to the first mentioned media.

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