Thursday , May 19 2022

They are preparing supporters to see the UC in Temuco


Universidad Católica said that Mundo will have an airline Trip, transfers and tickets for fans who wish to go with the applicant for the title.

Supporters of the Catholic University will have another option to see their team at Temuco this weekend.

The Temuco Sports leadership on Monday was announced how to procure the 3,000 ticket scheduled for visitors. In the meantime, this option added a new option that includes travel and travel.

The Catholic University Club reported that the company's and company Mundo Tour company charter tour was available from Sky company who will transfer the fans from Santiago to Temuco, and then take them to the city center. Then they will get tickets for the game. The package includes returning to the capital on the same day.

According to the Cruzados website, the program includes:

-But ticket (direct charter through SKY)
-Transfers (airport to city center and airport stadium – does not include downtown transfer to stadium-)
-Search the game (Pacific Tribune)

The value is $ 299,000 per person.

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