Thursday , December 3 2020

They are accused of abusive to Magician Valdivia and Daniela Aránguiz

What was a meeting with friends, where he made beer and wine, bewildered wine, wine and wine, which ended in a scandal that included aggression and threats.

Or at least that is what the Eastern Prosecutor's Office is investigating today, following the complaint made by CG R to officers of the Seventeenth Commissariat of Las Condes and includes Jorge Valdivia and Daniela Aránguiz .

According to the police report, who had access to La Cuarta, the events began after one hour in the morning yesterday and was held in a grand hotel in the area above.

Even the most unique bar on the property, where you can only get it with a special card and in a private elevator, the "Magician", his wife, two men and one other woman came. They quickly settled a privileged board and the collection began.

But the night penetrated the men and the conversation began to increase in tone.

Then, when there were detailed regulations, those who were present were told that they could ask for a final to close their accounts. Something Daniela tried to do it instantly, but that was not possible because the men decided to use a larger dose. The football, as he called it in the south.

Error Is that in the writing written by the men in green, you can read that this starts with the brawl here. The scandal that could bring the couple "Magicuica" to the court.

Aránguiz's growth is growing and when time came to pay the bill, it rarely exploded.

In the complaint, Jorge and one of his friends (about 40 years) told a girl, while they took their cards to pay half the costs. A dialogue that squeezed to C. G. R. and caused Valdivia to interfere with everything with "do not get rid of a man, the wife listened to you".

Words made by the morning paniser exploding: Daniela pounced the building officer and asked her if she wanted to make a homosexual sexual movement to her husband, as he had written in the text at the police station previous.

After exchanging expressions and with everyone standing, the dancer would also try to attack the server and here the idol of the albums interferes. The part sent to the judiciary talks about the "Wizard" button and then pushes it. "After that, I try to do it by hand, it squeezes my wrist and begins to ask for hearing and scriptures to get out of them", it can be read in the alleged victim's testimony.

What's next is the threat and departure of these two well-known members of the national jet set with an unknown destination. Meanwhile, the telephone number of Las Tranqueras police station 480 started to accept the charge.

Then the staff on duty to this hotel center went to collect the evidence and everything was stamped with the appropriate signature.

Subsequently, the prosecutor was informed and immediate action was taken. One of them was to ask for the security cameras of the organization, which would have been presented yesterday and began to be tested.

In addition, C. G. was informed that he will be called to repeat the statements that he made in his complaint and we have just reproduced it so that the corresponding legal action can be started.

It should be remembered that this is not the first confusing fact that the talented one chosen in a hotel. In July 2007, he starred in "Puerto Ordazo", with a full focus of Chile, and where he was accused – with other players – from throwing a ham and doing something sexually.

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