Sunday , August 14 2022

There will soon be a new information from Age of Empires


In 2017 Microsoft announced to return one of the most popular franchises with Age of Empires IV, although this time has passed and nothing is known about this new installment of the classic strategy.

This is probably about to change, as the community manager of the franchise, Jennifer Godwin, has said that There will be news about the saga in the next episode of Inside Xbox, although not giving details if it is information about the new or other provision.

It should be remembered that, although many new releases have been released for many years, the saga has continued to live through HD versions or reminiscent of classics, the most recent title was Age of Empire: Final Edition, released in 2018 and that corresponds to re-browsing the first classes.

As for Inside Xbox, it corresponds to Microsoft's webserie where information and news are released to inform players. For now, the next episode does not have a specific release date.

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