Tuesday , January 19 2021

There are 2,200 million accounts and passwords being filtered

Seasons after the public is published without filtering 773 million unique email addresses and more than 20 million passwords as part of a collection of the Collection # 1 name, published and new cyber attack which, in general, includes more than There are 2,200 million personal data, becoming experts such as the biggest discharge in history.

The new publication of data, of the name Collection # 2-5, containing 25,000 million records that have been organized in four new folders, those that are freely circulating on the Internet in a database of 845 GB of free download.

Although this collection contains repetitive information in previous releases, that was confirmed There are 611 million tickets unique and do not appear in the mass hacking registry previously made to companies such as Yahoo, LinkedIn or Adobe, in the case "The largest collection of gaps ever seen", according to Wired expert, a cybersecurity expert and founder of the Phosphorus.io security company, Chris Rouland, who added the file has already been downloaded more than a thousand times in hacker forums and platforms such as Mega through torrent files.

Personal and close information

As confirmed by the security company Recorded Future, the The author of the attack responds to the nickname "C0rpz", which would have collected the data after filtering in the past three years, so that most of the thoughts have filtered still active.

After this type of offenses, some The risks faced by victims are "extracting personal and confidential information, hijacking profiles in social networks or digital assets, identity theft, theft, withdrawal and loss of information", The Executive Director of the Institute of Protected Data, Jessica Matus, asserted that it was essential Culturize society on issues related to cyber-induction.

The State has an obligation to teach in these matters and to seek security from companies and other public bodies. On the other hand, says Matus, "companies must provide a double validation factor, some banks may still have a four-digit password to access the bank account on the Internet. "

With regard to the steps taken in breach of accounts, the expert suggests contact the suppliers as soon as possible and notify the hacking to all the accounts in question, adding that it is important to be aware of where the cyber assault could occur, especially if a Wi-Fi network was being used for the public recently.

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