Friday , December 4 2020

The wonderful collision of West Ham who likes Pellegrini

Definitely, it seems that the West Ham He succeeded in straightening the course in the Premier League, after a catastrophic start. The photo directed by Manuel Pellegrini has captured three consecutive wins and now the trainer from Chile matches the great expectations of the team's direct future leadership.

Coat of Arms / Baner West Ham

"If we win the next game (against Fulham), we may leave that bad start behind. However, I told the players that we have to maintain the winning mindset and try to get in touch with each other, "said Pellegrini.

"Now we have to face a team that is near the bottom of the board, what is always difficult, "added the DT, which before the end of the year will be measured with the above Fulham and also against Watford, Southampton and Burnley, Four competitors located below West Ham in the board posts.

Remarkable streak

In the last three dates, Those led by the coach from Chile beat Newcastle as a 3-0 visit. Then they did the same before Cardiff (3-1) as a property in London, a city where they also forced themselves Crystal Palace (3-2).

The saga allowed victory West Ham moving up to eleven places with 21 points, in the 16 days played in the Premier League.

"We started as bad as zero points in four games, so it was very difficult to recover after that bad start, but I think we should continue, "said Pellegrini for the good time his team is living.

Dark days

The Chile was announced as a new trainer at London Castle in the middle of the year. Returning to England, after appearing as a promoter with Manchester City, It could not be worse and the questions suddenly fell on the national trainer.

Before Liverpool For the first date of the tournament, West Ham went down 4-0. Then he collided Bournemouth, Arsenal and Wolverhampton. The situation became critical, as an absolute bottom and because it appeared on the horizon Everton o visit a Chelsea and Manchester United at home.

Pellegrini save the situation with a victory against Everton and an extension victory and another victory in the following lines. Then, the football instability appeared to return, as it was only a victory (4-2 against Burnley), two equality and three blasts. However, the last three victories gave Chile a break.

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