Thursday , August 11 2022

The weird voice in a note by Fernanda Maciel who watches viewers


In recent weeks, Welcome He specializes in the case of Fernanda Maciel. In reality, the vision of Ismael Torres in Channel 13's program found his "place" work to look for the missing young woman.

Although the viewers questioned the investigation into the psychic, which left their prints on social networks, it was a weird voice that caught watchmen who watched the morning last Tuesday.

As space fans animated by Tonka Tomicic and Martín Cárcamo warned, the "beyond" message would say "still trying".

O such was the motivation of fact, that yesterday, Twitter calculated the moment's program. "Public warnings of the BV on a strange voice during the note of Fernanda Maciel, published on Tuesday, February 19". Paranormal?

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