Saturday , May 28 2022

The unusual reason given by Tapia to explain his delays in the Monumental


The trainer blamed Macul's tunnel to explain his delays in the game against Palestine.

The bad ones add to and continue for Colo Colo. In the past few days, Jaime Valdés's injury and Esteban Paredes (the rest of the tournament) ban and the Hector Tapia for a delay in the game against Palestine are added to the endless endless streak endless.

The captain and trainer were appointed officially by ANFP after the delays at the beginning of the second half in the abolition of the Arabs. The trainer used an unusual reason to justify his delays and also had the opportunity to review the Disciplinary Court.

"The Monumental has a physical theme, the tunnel is quite different from another stadium. If you lose a bit of care, this will happen to you, you're late. I know a lot of Court, I can not say that it is a pleasure to see them, but the situation had to be explained, "said Tito at Cooperativa.

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