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"The university is not for everyone"

Thousands of young Chileans surrendered this week University Choice Test, an evaluation that decides to access students to Higher Education.

Since this test was implemented in 2003, many have raised suspicions about its effectiveness. One of these critics is José Serza's maker, who says he "Unfortunately many other people could do more than one. Measure some skills, do not measure others."

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"The PSU is the focus of every school and unfortunately, the secondary school in Chile is PSUsó, which is to say that everything is put into the PSU function. What's going to the PSU is good, what does not go, that is to be a decent person, reading poetry, listening to beautiful music does not match the PSU, so at school there is no reason to learn"The astrophysicist told La Tercera.

At this point, he added that everything taught in the schools for the PSU. "In that sense The guilt does not have the pig, but those who give the bran"

Maza also expressed concern about the differences in national scores between men and women: "Chile has a huge debt in women's education. Girls are very talented and we do not teach them. Why, I do not have an idea, but the numbers show that the performance of women in the PSU is much worse than men's performance. "

He also teaches and the 1999 National Science Awards Award argues that there should be high quality technical education establishments: "The university is not for everyone (…) A doctor, a man whose life at a particular time is going to be in his hands, we want him to be central with very complete knowledge and that Be an intelligent man and know how to solve situations. We want doctors to be better for ourselves. "

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"Chile, to go out of underdevelopment, has to go out of compliance. Chile can not be a place where you put a beer cap so that the board does not fall ", Maza ended.

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