Wednesday , January 20 2021

The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Fighter trailer. now says Joker will arrive "Coming soon …" instead of "Coming soon: April" –

Yesterday, you were told that the Best Buy chain has listed the season's passing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Joker could have dropped render in the game.

Well, user found on Twitter interesting change in trailer of the Smash Ultimate temptation ticket about this character. As all the supporters of the fighting game know, Joker is expected to arrive in April, but in that respect trailer the Joker has changed from giving "Coming soon: April" to "Coming soon …". You can see the comparison in the tweet below:

This has raised the alarm bells among some fans wondering whether this change is just a little bit, as it could simply have adjusted the text because we were already in April t and so would "Coming soon: April" a bit strange or the opposite (giving the worst case) that the Joker had to pause. Although this character was published some time ago, it could also have had some problem in their development and that the developers needed to have more time for the character to work; n right.

Anyway, no official delay was announced, so hopefully everything will flow as usual and finally we can enjoy this character this month which we just released today.

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