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The strange "dark fluid": the new theory that explains what is 95% of the universe

Today, only 5% of the universe is known: the remaining 95% contain two invisible and unknown materials: dark energy and dark matter.

What we know about them is based on their effects on gravity.

personOnly what 5% of universe does know about it.

Scientists do not really know what these substances are, but their theoretical models They give clues about how they work.

Dark matter means gravity that keeps united galaxies; Dark energy, on the other hand, gives an intrusive force that makes the expansion universe.

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So far, there was a dark matter and dark energy such as phenomena separationBut a new Oxford University study suggests that both are really part of the same concept, just as weird and mysterious.

Astrophysicist Jamie Farnes, author of the study, states that both substances form and "dark fluid" of negative severity.

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And that fluid, according to its theory, would be a substance that 95% of the universe is doing.

The backup world

Imagine an object and by pushing it instead of moving away from you, attitudes. It would be like the force of gravity, but the other way.

These objects, as weird could not seem, are not a new concept, and they are theoretically. They are called and objects more negative or F, such as the "dark fluid" proposed by Farnes.

In that way, the astrophysist offers a model that aims to explain how forces attraction and refusal they form a strange substance that keeps the universe together but constantly expands.

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"The result is beautiful," Farnes writes in an Oxford statement. "The matter of dark and dark energy can be analyzed into one substance, and both effects can be explained simply as a matter of positive mass sailing in a sea of ​​negative pressure."

spaceIn the universe, forces of attraction and refusal are living together.

It's similar to a steady flirt between the two forces, one positive and one negative that creates and halo cosmig which is all in place.

"The severity of the positive mass galaxy attracts negative mushrooms from all directions, and as the negative mass fluid addresses the galaxy, it in turn gives a stronger force to the galaxy, "Farnes explained.

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In that way, the galaxy can start at high speed without leaving fly in pieces.

spaceWe are far from unveiling the great mystery of the universe.

"So it seems simple minus sign He can solve one of the oldest problems in physics, "said Farnes.

In any case, despite the attractiveness and feeling of the Theory of Farnes, it first recognizes that there is still a long way to discover the posau o & universe.

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"It's clear that this new theory creates many new questions", writes Farnes in the portal The Talk. "The search to understand the true nature of the beautiful, unified and perhaps polarized universe is beginning."


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