Friday , February 26 2021

The sixth attempt to bat bats in Los Rios was confirmed: this is the fourth in Valdivia. National

Ceremi de Salud de Los Ríos confirmed a sixth perception a bats that proved positive for the war virus in the region, which is the fourth discovery in Valdivia.

The mammal was found in the center of the regional capital, authenticated by Zoonoses professionals of the entity.

After that, they said that activation and appropriate protocols.

As detailed, determined perifocal extending from Baquedano to Pérez Rosales streets and from Cochrane to General Lagos.

This is designed to determine the number of animals open to vaccination against the disease, which will continue until Friday 30 November in front of D Building from San Sebastian University, from 09:00 a.m. to 15: 00.

The head (s) of the Zoonoses section, Claudio González, the community and neighbors of the sector are called vaccinate your pets.

As noted, during 2018, they have received a total of 80 skeptical samples to rabbit, one of which corresponds to a dog, two cats, two fox talks, 22 minutes and 53 bats.

Of these, only six have been confirmed at the regional level: four in Valdivia, one in La Union and another in Río Bueno.

To this end, they added that these figures reflect an increase in relation to 2017 when the record of 67 suspicious samples was recorded, and four of them were confirmed with the war virus.

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