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The second in less than 5 days: another fishery announces the closure of a shellfish plant and confirms cases of | | Economy

PacificBlu announced that its shellfish processing plant had closed following a board meeting. This is the second company that communicates our decision of this type, after the changes in the law that regulate the huge squid custody.

PacificBlu, the country's leading exporter of the resource, will close by August its factory in Talcahuano, when the new law is already working.

By message, they said that this was because they checked that they cannot adapt their fleet to the new legislation, which limits the procurement methods to the pot or the hand line.

"Already ready for jig boats designed, it's very difficult for this weather and the size of the shellfish to catch it. Eventually, it's their own." manually lifted with hook, which is inactive, and beyond that, due to the technical characteristics of our boats, the shape of the shell, technically impossible to transform them into harvesters, "explained Marcel Moenne, general manager of a company.

Y jobs 400 people this situation would affect this situation, according to the company, that there would be 1,100 workers at the factory during the 2017 and 2018 terms, regardless of the ability to operate.

Tatiana Risso (RBB)
Tatiana Risso (RBB)

There were 76 SMEs and contractors providing services for 6 million dollars a year, which will also suffer the results, according to PacificBlu.

Last year, the exports reached 24 million dollars when processing 15 thousand 537 tons of shellfish.

Due to the situation, a projected investment of $ 1 million for this year was frozen, which added to a further $ 2 million already made in 2015 for remodeling.

This is the second company that made an announcement of this type, after last week, Landes said it would give the best to operate its shellfish processing line, t and it would mean 200 jobs that would be lost between August last year and this year.

Tatiana Risso (RBB)
Tatiana Risso (RBB)

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