Thursday , August 11 2022

The Rut Account grew her hair and can be used overseas


Until Banco State duck is delighted to confirm the changes presented by the popular Rut Account, which highlights the visa league for millions of Chileans, they can access international trade and pay For services such as Netflix or Spotify, without the need for a credit card

The new plastic is much more powerful than the previous one, since it incorporates EMV chips that give more security, as the magnetic strips are more practical to have cloning.

Of course, the donation card of more than 11,300,000 people who are now in use can not be used as Bip! to pay for public transport. Only the old ones who serve for this.

To make purchases abroad, either on eBay or AliExpress, the user must sign the conditions of the new contract and choose this service, which is similar to any other bank card. Of course, cash payment can not pay in installments, but you have to pay everything in one.

The measure was approved by experts and economist San Sebastian University Francisco Aravena said "it is a good venture, because users will have the opportunity to access services that they could not before, and this means that the competition offers more benefits to customers. "

Another of the changes introduced by the new Account Rut is the collection in the transfer of money through ATMs of other entities. The rate ranged from $ 300 to $ 480, while using the BancoEstado ones from $ 300 to $ 200.

The new card can be withdrawn in some branches of Santiago, such as Santiago Centro, located on Calle Moneda with Santo Domingo; and in San Felipe and Choquimbo, where the white ship was made. From March 19, it will be available throughout the country.

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