Friday , August 12 2022

The relative economic results that left 2018 to Entel, Claro and Movistar in their mobile services Economy


In 2018, the three largest companies in the mobile telephony sector in the country, Entel, Claro and Movistar tired results in this area.

The photo could repeat itself in 2019, as the the industry is still transforming, It seems that WOM does not give any luck and everyone has to reform their business models to maintain a market share.

According to data that La Tercera had access to, Access which ended with a loss of $ 2,873 million in contrast to the earnings of $ 43,409 million received in 2017.

In this way, mobile numbers in Chile are in contrast to progress They had 3% in Peru.

"The fall is mainly due to a reduction in the revenue from various services related to the increase in data quotas and free voice records offered in the evolution of the commercial offer," he said in their report earnings.

On the other hand, income from Claro Chile, controlled by the Mexican Mexican Móvil; saw a 0.9% reduction, with a 3% reduction in the last quarter.

Despite the above, he managed to reduce their losses of $ 89,884 million in 2017 to $ 75,351 million last year.

Movistar, overall, he saw a 5.5% retreat in his mobile offer income, mainly at the lower level of clients.

Despite this, thanks to the implementation of efficiency measures, it has increased its gross operating outcome of 2.7% to 617 million euros.

In its results report, published on Thursday, Telefona in the Chile department explained that "mobile entrances (which fell from 5% to 8.6 million in 2018) continue to be affected by the prepayment evolution (and fell by 15%) ".

That is, "in line with the general market trend and affected by migration towards contract ", he prayed the text.

"The portability has allowed a high migration of customers between different companies, so part of challenge is to maintain a stable customer base, without losing a share of the market, "said BCI Corredores de Bolsa in a report on the forecasts for the telephone sector in 2019.

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