Friday , December 4 2020

The question that Alexis asked a boy and that was a laugh

Alexis Sánchez He met a group of children he was bringing presents and He shared his experience as a footballer. The record was captured in one of Instagram stories.

Although there were a number of notable questions, one was dislocated the star from Chile.

After he told them they could ask what they wanted, one of them said: "Why ended with Mayte?", Which made laughter.

But there was also another connection with Arturo Vidal.

When explaining to the children they had to Be attentive and responsible to become football players, one of the children asked him a question that became more than laughter.

Alexis asked him: "What do you want to be big?", what the boy told him to be a football player.

The "child of wonder" replied to him that he had to "Behave well and study, and do not smoke or drink."

"I did not drink and I did not smoke", Alexis told them.

And here was the copy of the minor: And how is Arturo Vidal?This provoked the laughter of all the assistants, after which he responded to the same city choice: "It's already big."

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