Monday , June 27 2022

The prosecutor says that she has evidence of the source of contamination in Quintero and pointing to Iran's rough. National


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Regional prosecutor Bío Bío, Marcela Cartagena, ensured that the Public Ministry had evidence that the Crai Iran The crisis and forced the evacuation of Mall Plaza El Trebol and a clinic in the Gran Concepción, on August 4, and also the mass poisoning in Quintero the same month, would have sprung up.

This is after a raid on the offices of the Purfa Bío Bío and the National Petroleum Company (Enap) at Hualpén, where he had antecedents to confirm the assumption where prosecutor Ana María Aldana and Valdivia Environmental Crime Brigade were already working.

All this information will be evaluated to consider possible formations.

"Heavy Iran"

As he develops Radio Bío BíoEnap transferred crude oil from Iran's hours before the crisis registered in Talcahuano, and at that time the Mall Plaza Tesco and neighboring clinic had to be moved due to an unknown emanation.

The hydrocarbon – known as "Heavy Iran", with high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide, containing more than 100 parts per million, much more than crude oil that has regularly refined in Chile – has arrived on board the Monte Toledo, European liberator, the one that started the trasvasije of warehouses towards the Enap ship, the Cabo Victoria, the one on the last 3 August, in front of Punta de Parra's height.

This last ship would have embarked on a trip to the industrial belt Quintero and Puchuncaví, where he enrolled massive poisoning, which triggered a social and environmental crisis.

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