Thursday , February 25 2021

The participant showed an image of the Francisca Linconao machin in Pasapalabra TV and Show

And episode Pasapalabra From this Monday, 26 November had a special ingredient.

It happened at the start of the program, while its driver Julian Elfenbein He presented the captains as well as the invited participants.

Only at the moment when the animator Alan González, the captain of the blue team, Talcahuano native, showed an image of machi Francisca Linconao.

The portrayal learned by the composer was a watercolor of communara Mapuche that was released on two occasions, after being accused of collecting 30 people before the arson attack Family Luchsinger-McKay, on January 4, 2013 at Granja Limahue Farm, Vilcún, La Araucanía Region.

Soon, the fact began to be a subject in the social networks, which led Alan to be a national trend.

It should be noted, in the episode, facing González Martín Valenzuela, playing to win El Rosco from 28 million pesos.

Finally, Martin was the winner of the episode, who will return to take part in trying to take a good deal of 30 million.

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