Sunday , August 14 2022

"The only thing that is important to you is your body, and your daughter is never"


During the day, Valentina Roth again surprised social networks after sending a tough message against her mother, Katya Soracco, who doesn't maintain a good relationship with them.

The reality of exchica would have received messages from his mother during the last period that he had not been totally attractive to him and expressed his embarrassment through the networks.

"Someone sends you to say or dear message to Katya Soracco on Instagram or Facebook Stop sending messages to me, treating me lousy and more at this time. What kind of mother are you, Katya? Enough, you bored me. You have no heart! I have already told you: Katya Soracco, all you are worried about is your body, and your daughter when? Never! ", Announced in Instagram's story.

Instagram Vale Roth

But this message was not enough to release her anger, because then through videos she explained the embarrassment that she felt against her mother, distributing her as a distributor and, if she became a someday mother , she wanted that she wasn't like her.

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