Friday , November 27 2020

The old son of "Cangri" reality was found dead

Y Sebastian's reality men "Cangri" Leiva was found dead this Sunday, The after spending several days disappeared in the Chilean border area with Bolivia.

According to his family, the young man He traveled to the north to record a video clip, and he was last seen alive in San Pedro de Atacama.

After the grievance and fear of fear, Carabineros found several times in the area.

Leiva's disappearance was revealed on Thursday by his friend Maickol "Dash" González. Both became very well known to the "Perla" documents, by Channel 13.

Notes the police report, The Fourth said a friend of "Cangri" as Rodrigo Vera Leiva tells the police the perception two bodies "near the Cajón Hito, in Bolivia", and set the TV surface "for the tattoos".

Police confirmed Cooperative reception a Notice of finding two bodies in Bolivia, but warned that experts still needed to confirm their identity.

This afternoon, one of the friends of "Cangri" in the north of his death took for granted and dismissed his affection.

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