Tuesday , August 16 2022

The new generation of pacemakers arrives


(ANSA) – A group of first scientists already has "recorder"It does not need to recharge batteries because it takes the necessary energy from the heart." The tests performed on pigs gave good results, published in the Acs Nano magazine by the Jiao Tong University group, led by Bin Yang. way to go, "said Bin Yang in dialogue with ANSA.

"Now you have to collect the tests in pigs, then they will be held in an apes and, if the results are positive, after five or six years, it will be possible going on to experiment in people, "he said.

Packing makers are devices that are physically placed next to the heart. By means of electrical signals, they have the mission of regulating heart stimulation and maintaining the frequency that is appropriate to the needs of every moment. Current packaging machines are implanted under the skin, near the clavicle, and their batteries produce electrical signals that can reach the heart through electrodes that are implanted.

These are batteries that can last between five and 12 years, and surgical intervention can be replaced that can have complications, such as infections or hemorrhages. So far, many efforts have been made to create pack manufacturers that will use heartbeat as a natural, but not successful source of energy, due to its rigid structure, due to miniature problems and other disorders.

The Chinese researchers tried to improve the technology by projecting a small "flexible" frame of flexible plastic, which then joins the tires that produce energy as they fold. Once the pacemaker was implanted in pigs, the heartbeat began to change the shape of the frame, producing enough energy to achieve a standard "battery-powered" battery-powered "performance".

For researchers, this experiment identifies an important step to arrive in the future, a self-feeding pacemaker. "Before this it will be necessary to evaluate the stability of these devices in the long term and then integrate into one of the modules that are now independent," Yang ended.

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