Wednesday , June 29 2022

The most brilliant galaxy in the universe swallows its neighbors to feed


In 12,000 400 million light years there is a feast of huge dimensions. The most brilliant and most-known dating galaxy, which corresponds to 350 trillion solar, incorporates three smaller adjoining galaxies. The process, which was previously seen at such a distance, was seen by the ALMA radio telescope and its details are published in the latest edition of the Science magazine.

Unexpected Christmas

Astronomy W2246-0526 was already known by astronomers and had the most brilliant title in the universe. However, very little detail kept because it is a galaxy is hidden by dust or a hot stomach (acronym for concealed galaxy). As his name says, his fluency can only be seen in the infrared due to the large dust that surrounds it. Serpentists knew that these hot dogs had been surrounded by smaller, but not interacting with, other galaxies.

"We did not look for herbal behavior and we did not expect, but this detailed observation with the ALMA observation did everything very clear," said Tanio Daz-Santos, a postdoctoral researcher in the Astronoma U. nucleus. Diego Portales and the study leader.

What ALMA could see was huge filaments or gas bridges absorbed by W2246-0526. The source of their food is three small galaxies having transformed into the men. "We had noticed this in the close universe, but never in this distance," said Roberto Assef, director of the UUU Nucleus of Astronome and co-author of the study. No less, persistent, one that feeds from multiple sources.

But W2246-0526 is not the only men of this huge festival. At its center, a massive massive spray hole is active, which produces an extremely active and lightweight gas disc. The light of that disk is absorbed by the gas and so the servers "see" only the galacty color in the infrared. By the work, the three galaxies present in the menu will also be abolished by the hole.

"It's possible that all the processes we follow are related to each other," said Roberto Assef. There are theories that say that combining galaxies will have some relationship with the black holes that have been located in their centers, but now there is not enough evidence to prove . "This galaxy is extremely active and everything happens at the same time," added the scientist. You have to keep a watch.

What's the main element is a type of savings account, says the astronomer. The international group that took part in the study calculates that the festn is enough to feed the black hole for millions of years. Perhaps because of this, or for reasons that they have not yet discovered, it's three times more than it should.

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