Wednesday , November 25 2020

The monarch UC sponsor changed and he has news

Looking for a coach, Universidad Católica published its business plans in 2019.

In the process of searching for a coach, Catholic University Vesting novels were introduced for 2019.

This was published in a statement:

The sports brand had worn the couriers since 2015, with the UC in the historic bicampeonato in 2016 and the 2018. National Championship Under Armor will be a technical sponsor since 2019.

Catholica Universidad developed a tender for a technical sponsor in recent months, who tried the best conditions to meet the new challenges of the organization, awarded to the Under Armor brand, so that Umbro will not be associated with & # 39 ; r UC then from the term of its contract in December 2018.

Cruzados thanks to Umbro for the joint work that took place since 2015, and she was wearing the University of Wales Professional Campus, Formal Soccer and Soccer Football, highlighting to the design of three new shirts each year, as well as special seasonal costumes dedicated to raising awareness of early breast cancer.

In addition, during this time, Umbro was with the club and supporters at Catholic university events, such as the 80th anniversary of the organization and 30 years since San Carlos de Apoquindo, who designed memorial dresses on her for.

Crusaders also appreciate their willingness to join the club's interest to promote the participation of their supporters, such as by inviting fans to design "Emblem Crusader", reaching 300 models presented to a vote of supporters and then The Professional Campus. Something similar was done when choosing the badge for the 80-year-old club shirt, when the supporters chose between two shields.

Umbro's commitment was expressed in taking part in social responsibility activities, adding each year to the breast cancer campaign in early October, not only through a memory shirt, but also through other promotional actions, and in 2017 he won an award from the Association of Advertising Agencies Chile.

Cruzados repeat his thanks and wishes Umbro's greatest success in the challenges they face.

In terms of the contract with Under Armor, at the end of December, Cruzados will report more details on the link that will link to this notable sports brand.

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