Sunday , August 7 2022

The message Charles Aránguiz is dedicated to Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal Sports


After eliminating the painful Bayer Leverkusen of Europa League, concentration Charles Aránguiz now it will focus on what the Bundesliga and & # American Cup next to the Chile team.

In this context, the German team midfielder talked to Fox Sports and decided to send a message to team friends in La Roja who do not live present in their respective teams: Alexis Sánchez Arturo Vidal.

"They are important players and they will not forget to play from one day to another." If Arturo and Alexis do not play all the games, it does not affect, when they arrive in Chile, they feel very comfortable at home, so I'll know them, I do not worry"said the midfielder

On the group that played the Creole combiando in the continental tournament, next Uruguay, Ecuador to Japan, "It will be difficult. All the teams are very strong in that case. You must be focused on the 90 minutes because the opponent is missed by a game, hopefully the group that reaches 100 ".

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