Sunday , January 24 2021

The Lisandra Silva Model does not give more criticism and new style solutions

Since Lisandra Silva has confirmed that her relationship with Raul Peralta has been criticized times because the romance was not accepted by her followers in the first place.

However, with the passage of time, the Cuban model has shown itself happily and in love with the dancer, learning that his relationship is growing very quickly.

And so he showed one of his most recent publications, where his girlfriend confessed in a tendering message:

"I love more than you imagine and my admiration goes beyond the limit of infinity. This video exceeded all the expectations I know that #dameMa turns & # 39 ; r world and a global success. Congratulations in advance for @raulpower "

Instagram Lisandra Silva

However, Lisandra was criticized once again for his style, because according to some consumers, she now wore "more urban" compared to how she looked up to a former partner , ensuring that she "adapts" depends on who she is with.

But the Cuban model was tired of these criticisms and responded:

Instagram Silvana Silva

Instagram Lisandra Silva

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