Monday , November 30 2020

The lack of serious security in Instagram shows consumer passwords

Thanks again, Facebook.

Instagram belongs to Facebook. Facebook has shown that it has very poor control over password security and passwords. This is another case.

According to the international media, thanks to a huge failure in the application, the user's account password is there, on a snap and in plain text.

How? Very simple: In Instagram there is an instrument to download your data, which is in the Privacy and Security tab (oh, the irony), issued there to comply with European Union privacy rules.

The matter is, by asking for this information, within the maximum 48 hours, that you will get the information from everything you have shared. Be photos, comments, favorite and much more. That's very good, as it gives you an idea of ​​everything they have kept about you (in theory).

The disadvantage is that many users have noticed that their passwords are coming out in the report, near their username. Yes, there, in plain text, which opens a range of security problems.

This shows that the application has no care in dealing with this information and, of course, is very poor.

Again, Facebook shows that they have no respect for consumers, nothing new under the sun. Recommendation? Your Facebook and Instagram key is not the same as other services. It's simple that can not be trusted.

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