Friday , December 4 2020

The Kingdom Kingdom optimizes 51.2% of antibiotics

Y University of Sofia University General Hospital do the best antibiotic timetable in 51.2 percent of cases and reducing drugs with negative ecological impact. This shows evidence from the team of experts from the hospital center that watches over the retention of an antimicrobial therapeutic arsenal.

The center, in September 2018, decided to face the inappropriate use of antibiotics by operating PROA program for optimization & the logical use of antibiotics. This program, as well as the prevention and control of infections related to healthcare (You go), part of the National and Regional Plan against the antibiotics resistant.

Since then, in a few months of operation, the program has achieved very good results "which encourages its continuity and maintenance". So they have done More than 100 performances in services such as Internal Medicine, Surgery and Emergency.


In terms of bacteria, more than 120 have been reviewed, mainly related to urinary, abdominal and catheter infections. The patients were Received mainly in Internal Medicine, ICU and Surgery.

In 20% it was recommended reducing the antibiotic spectrum, prevent it or reduce it

In most cases, the treatment was adequate for the germ that appeared in the blood culture. In those cases where the treatment was found to be inadequate, changed to another more suited to the germ presented by the patient.

On the other hand, 20% recommended reducing the antibiotic spectrum, preventing or reducing the period because it was found that other antimicrobial blend of smaller spectrum could be used and a better ecological impact, which represents a clear interest to the general population. Do not increase the resistance rate.

After the performance of the PROA group, as stated by the health center, the antibiotic guide has been optimized in 51.2 percent of cases. In this way, the antibiotics may be more precise to the infection, reduce drugs with the negative ecological effect such as carbapenes and quinolons, and reduce toxicity and costs.

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