Wednesday , June 16 2021

The Government will start an entrance registry for beaches that go through private land

Y The National Asset Ministry publishing development a registering access roads to beaches, rivers and lakes that cross private lands to improve & control the new norm released this month.

It should be remembered that the case that triggered the rule that arose on 14 February was the Monaco fund, which received direct intervention by the sub-secretary of the portfolio, Alejandra Bravo, who broke the gates of their gates so that the neighbors could go through the private road to Los Leones beach.

And Mercury he noted, so far, National Bienes learned these routes through complaints, according to the same minister Felipe Ward at the beginning of the "Do not miss beach" campaign.

The Secretary of State explained that they do not have a central tax of these roads that must be set by the intentors – according to the D.L. 1,939-, so registration will start "Make access control more effective".

At this time, "The law requires free access through the channels made officially for this purpose", and those who stop fines to deal with beaches between 483,000 and 4.8 million pesos.

According to the morning paper, during these first days of control, technical reports have been prepared to identify a number of entrances in the Coquimbo, La Araucanía, Maule, Ñuble, Valparaíso, Los Ríos, Biobío and O 'Higgins regions.

The post-Lago Ranco situation

On the other hand, as three women were accused of being abolished by lawyer and president of Gasco, Matías Pérez Cruz, who said that his property had been located at Lago Ranco, until Friday, February 22, There are 1,224 other complaints of this type registered.

National Commodities have been able to respond so far only 467 of them -38 percent-, while 23 per cent have stated that they are unacceptable For example, to make payments for parking or bathing services, or in the case that a private person defends the facilities, permitted measures.

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