Thursday , May 19 2022

The Government offers a reduction of over 80% in payments for mobile phones


Fight on behalf of the operators.

Undersecretariat of Telecommunications of Chile (SUBTEL) presented its offer for mobile telephony rates, which would be up to 84% lower than we are currently.

It is noted that the purpose is CLP $ 1.4 per minute, with the current CLP of $ 8.76. For this, a model company was introduced.

The above is the measurement parameter that operators should have in Chile and that eye would only operate under the 4G network.

This, according to Pulso, makes Entel and Movistar's proposals, the two largest actors that creep in the air, as their 3G network is not considered.

O Entel, they state:

Today, while the largest technology is 4G, there are a large number of 3G clients, so the model company's network must be able to support 4G technology, such as 3G, and evolve towards VoLTE, which does not exist in practice the news

Remember that VoLTE refers to "Voice over LTE", so calls are also being made over this network. Technology currently exists in Chile and some operators have been, but in a very limited way. It should be mentioned that Voice 4G, as is also known, is much better than the most current current system, for stability and transparency. This model should be implemented by ultimate mobile companies.

If there is any claim or objection from the companies affected by this proposal, they have up to December 1 to show their disagreement, something they will definitely do. This is because, inevitably, access to mobile phones is much cheaper, something that must be taken into account given that Chile is one of the countries with the highest rates, although example, the OECD.

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