Saturday , November 28 2020

The Government is evaluating the implementation of a guarantee card for cardio-Polpaico online delays

There is concern and harassment in the energy sector. This is due to the warning given to InterChile by the Ministry of Energy on Wednesday, regarding the fact that they will not be able to comply with the dedicated date of the Cardones-Polpaico electricity transfer project.

This has a variety of effects not only for the generators – who wait for the end of the line to spray their energy to the system – but also to the same company, which could face Justice until old. In particular, Generators can be prosecuted by generators or may receive daily fines and guarantee tickets from the State.

This was acknowledged yesterday by the Energy Minister, Susana Jiménez, who said this was one of the options. "The Energy Ministry must evaluate if the given background allows forming a force majeure scenario. If not, you can trigger the operation of both warranties and fines for every day of delay, "he said.

Jiménez added "the fine will depend on delay days, so the first thing is to see until the delay, the product of these cases of force majeure, can be justified, and then see when the work is completed. allows to determine whether the fine has been applied and that the guarantee tickets and corresponding amounts are implemented ".

However, he noted that there is still no specific deadline for defining measures against InterChile. "There's a lot of information that must be processed, and we will see what administrative and judicial actions we can achieve," he said.

The importance of the line

The term of the line will allow the real connection of the old Ganu and SIC and it will facilitate the advent of energy from the north to the center.
Regarding the new delays, Carlos Finn's executive director of Chile's Renewables Energiesarlos (Sidewalk) also showed his concern.

"By not having this extension, there are a significant number of NCRE production companies – being harmed because they can not spray their entire production to the electrical system," said Finat. .

Meanwhile, Minister Jiménez emphasized that "the basic priority is to finish the work precisely because of the costs that this means as a constraint to the production of clean energy and transport throughout the country. We remain committed to unlock the difficulties, to have a relationship with the communities, to always have a dialogue open. The work needs to be completed as soon as possible. "

From InterChile, a subsidiary of ISA Colombia, they did not want to refer to the matter. However, predicting the entry into work before February 2019.

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