Tuesday , August 9 2022

The Government called on parents and colleges to review the "bedoffile registry"


Y Minister of Justice, Hernán Larraín, Call parents to review # Incapacity Record for convictions for sexual offenses against underage.

The information is available from this Friday on a web portal Civil Registry, The and to check if a person is disabled, you must have the RUT and its name.

In the case that the query wants to be a legal person – a legal representative must be the same (school or primary school), for example –see file attached).

"We want prevent someone who is already guilty of abusing children from continuing to work with children, to those who can be able to abuse again, "said the Larrane Minister, who emphasized that what is also called "pedophile registry" including the information 8,096 people guilty about this kind of crime.

"We call on every school, every parent and guardian who will hire a school bus, or school to a teacher, to review the record. The obligation we believe is our children"the authority insisted.

O total of 8,096 disabled, 4,490 are permanently excluded from working with children.

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Total disabled

The call will be made on an evening before the start of the school year as it will be parents check the background of teachers, carriers or carers which is responsible for the children.

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Disabled by region.

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