Tuesday , August 16 2022

The Go-Toubun anime no Hanayome will have a second season – Kudasai


During an event of a franchise No Hanayome Go-Toubun made in Tokyo, it was revealed that the adjustment had to be animated from the anonymous manga written and illustrated by Haruba Negihave a second term.

The details of the production and its release date are not yet released.

The first season of the anime was produced in the studio Tezuka productions under direction Satoshi Kuwabara. Keiichiro Ochi he was responsible for the scripts a Michinosuke Nakamura responsible for the design of the next characters Gagakuga.

No Hanayome Go-Toubun it is published on the magazine pages Shonen's weekly magazine o Kodansha since 2017 and currently has eight volumes of volumes.


Fuutaro Uesugi has always managed to get the best grades in the class, but there is a very anti-social and quiet person, so when a mysterious girl from a good family sits down at her desk and asks him to help with The studies say that he is left alone and that both argue.

That is when Uesugi receives a terrifying call from her sister: his family is in ruins completely because of the debt and the only way they have to pass and survive is that Evangelist accepted a job requested as a tutor. . The opportunity for a tutor post to be exactly with giving lessons to Itsuki Nakano, the girl she discussed with her in class. The problem is exacerbated when Uesugi discovers that Itsuki is not alone, and that there are four other girls … always his sisters, because they are quintuplets.

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