Wednesday , September 28 2022

The first episode of The Legacy of the Hidden Sheet, which is now available and brings a trailer


Odyssey Creed Assassin is in line with the previous supply, and technically with the rest of the saga. I'm Laughing, the first of the six episodes after release issued by Ubisoft is now available on computers and consoles, and we will see the entry into a location the First Hidden Sheet.

The assumption of this ar a new story The three-part game is particularly interesting: we will face one of the key characters in the Assassin's Credit Universe and, if we survive to tell the story, we will discovering a new threat from the shadows.

And, as the event requires, Ubisoft opens this new step with a perfect trailer to go to the topic.

This first episode will introduce us Darius, who achieved a plan to eliminate Xerxes the Great (High King of the Achaemenid Empire that incorporated the huge licenses of Frank Miller in 300) using iconic Assassins hundreds of centuries before the order itself was fully compiled.

What role should Alexios or Kassandra play in this story? Well, we all know that these three episodes – which will arrive with a six-week margin between them – will give rise to many adventures and some unexpected time.


I'm Laughing part of Legacy of the First Hidden Sheet, can win the three chapters for 24.99 euros or through the Season Tour of the game, which also includes the three episodes of story arc Destroy Atlantis a Repossession of Assassin III Credited € 39.99.


Uysoft & Greek chooses for the episode format, unlike the two arcade new stories included in the Season Ticket with all types of free content and additional tours of The Stories Lost of Greece.

In both cases, Odyssey Creed Assassin It's becoming more and more interesting. Enjoy getting a 2018 GOTY?

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