Tuesday , August 9 2022

The fake (#peroconrespeto) from Jorge Valdivia to Colo Colo's journalist


Despite not playing again for the championship, Jorge Valdivia succeeds to be news outside court. The reason? He was fascinated by social networks journalist of Colo Colo's official website, Gonzalo Pizarro.

"Change the face, weh ohhhh", he wrote the albo leaflet in Twitter's job to download the club's social network. I'll give below: "#When I can not respect".

The Valdivia post has given what to talk about and remember the most in the context of the soccer player and the Cacique star, in a situation that does not seem more than a joke.

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In the same announcement and in response, they answered: "Ah, how good was it with respect. Look, Gonzalo Pizarro is a sensitive man. Artist, you know. "

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