Friday , May 27 2022

The dollar operates fixed between new tensions for trade war


The dollar can not recover against Chile's weight, so far, operations this Friday. The timely appreciation of local money is taking place despite the reduction in copper prices due to new tensions as a result of a trade war.

Just a few minutes after the opening of the interbank market, the dollar was quoted at $ 676.3, which represents a reduction of $ 0.1 compared to the end of the previous day. At its current level, the dollar has accumulated% of $ 16 in three consecutive days to the disadvantage.

Chile's major appreciation takes place in a climate indicated by the resumption of commercial uncertainty. Yesterday, it became sure that the Chinese government planned concessions to the US, and gave preliminary consideration in the discussions between the two powers.

However, the uncertainty among investors returned this Friday, after a senior officer from the Trump administration, that the Asian giant's proposals would not be enough to reach an agreement.

With this more tension situation, the Dollar Index – which measures the performance of the money against a basket of six world currencies – shows a slight increase of 0.6%.

In the meantime, copper dropped – the main address for Chile's weight – 0.22% to US $ 2.75 per pound on the London Metal Exchange.

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