Tuesday , August 9 2022

The dollar is weakening in the world and in Chile it's six months


The dollar continues to weaken in international markets, given the climate of optimism for the trade negotiations between China and the US.

Dollar Index – an indicator that measures the performance of the money against a basket of six money from the world – currently operating with a 0.06% reduction.

At the local level, at the end of the operations in the interbank market, the dollar was $ 651.2, which implies a reduction of $ 3.1 compared to the end of the previous day and its lowest level since August last year. .

With this result, the chinese weight is the fourth largest rising money.

Behind good performance and the local exchange rate are a strong pre-copper price. Red metal contracts for March 1.73% climb and US $ 2.94 per pound, the highest value since last June.

However, experts say the market will be alert to new releases by the Fed and possible signals on the direction of rates in the world's largest economy.

"For today, we will address the statements of the Federal Reserve members in the forum of the US financial policy and it is likely to be confirmed again that we will face a more conservative Federation in 2019, which should weakening the dollar, "explained the market analyst Latam XTB, Carlos Quezada.

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