Tuesday , November 24 2020

The dollar in Chile today

At the end of day-to-day operations, concerns about China are causing investors to bet on safer assets.

China's weakest economic figures released Friday indicate the dollar behavior pattern in Chile and the world, as investors bet on assets named as "shelter".

At the end of local market operations, the exchange rate was $ 685.3, which represents an increase of $ 3.3 in relation to yesterday's closing price.

This repeats the conduct of foreign currency, where the Dollar Index – which is contrasted with a basket of six international funds – rises to 0.47% and is high at one month.

At the same time, the most demanding money in the world falls into blocks, with the only exception of the Japanese yen, which is also considered as a asylum asset. In that line, there is no money that comes to the expense that can control taking advantage of the dollar at the time.

These results are given after China reported a figure of industrial production that was lower than market expectations, again ignoring the warnings about the impact the trade war could have on its economy .

Since the start of the tariff disagreement between the Asian giant and the US, concerns focus on the potential impact on growth dynamics in the world and in the two largest economies in the world.

In addition, for the peculiarities of Chile, the national currency is likely to be compatible with copper movements, and given China's leading global metallic users, the signs of Slower in manufacturing in the country affects the price.

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