Thursday , July 7 2022

The dollar closes with a new increase against Chile's weight after international currency conflicts


The dollar surrendered his earnings against the weight of Chile at the end of operations on Friday. The depreciation of the local currency occurs in a climate indicated by the international recovery of the US currency after two consecutive days of decline.

At the end of the interbank market, the dollar was quoted at $ 692.5, which represents an advance of $ 1.2 compared to the value obtained in the previous day.

Chile's weakness is in line with the international strength of US currency and the decline of the currency basket. At the regional level, Chile's weight is the most depreciated money in the past five days.

With two consecutive days to the disadvantage, a Dollar Index – a identifier that measures the behavior of the money against six money from the world – operates with 0.32% in advance.

This repayment is a context marked by the US GDP publication for the third quarter. The latest revision recorded a 3.5% cut previously estimated at 3.4%.

After the news, the president states of the New York Federation produced a proportion of quiet among investors, according to Bloomberg. In an interview with CNBC, John Williams said the central bank would "listen to something important" misconduct the stock market and could adjust financial policy if economic conditions are getting worse.

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