Thursday , January 21 2021

The company loses 190 million dollars in cryptocurrencies

The investment company of QuadrigaCX cryptocurrencies live an ironic tragedy after the sudden death of its founder, Gerry Cotten. The businessman was the only one who could access the "cold wallets", an offline computer that protects virtual money from possible virtual assaults.

The investment in the computer is 190 million dollars, although it does not cover all the money the company deals with, as there is "Hot wallet" of money that is online.

The company presented a statement explaining what happened, when going to a requirement to Supreme Nova Scotia Court in Canada.

"In recent weeks, We have worked extensively to tackle your liquidity problems, which includes locating and securing our important reserves of uncommon crisis having been organized in cold pools, as well as meeting customer balance. As well as having a financial source that receives the money that will be transferred to us. Unfortunately, these efforts have not been successful, "said the company.

Client of the investment company they can not withdraw their funds for several months. In addition, the company has not found a bank that allows them Changing the virtual currency from the common currency.

He founded the company's founder of his home and He was the only one with access to a computer, which had encrypted.

Cotten's wife said she does not know "password or reset key". Even though has hired specialists in cybersecurity to try to access the computer, but not to be successful. .

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