Wednesday , January 20 2021

The Central Bank downgrades growth projection: Larraín confirms that the scenario is "more complex" Economy t

In her Financial Policy Report (IPoM) March, the Central Bank moderated its optimism in December its growth projection fell Chile's economy for this year, moving from an expectation between 3.25 and 4.25% to a range between 3 and 4%, assuming the activity was lower at the start of the year and an external scenario with lower estimates.

In any event, the expectation of investment was being corrected upwards in respect of December, going from 6 to 6.2% in 2019. The latter was highlighted by the Government.

The Financial Policy Report was presented by the Central Bank president, Mario Marcel, to the Senate Finance Committee where he explained that the adjustment in the projections was due to the performance of the mining sector below expectations.

The Finance Minister, Felipe Larraín, highlighted the new investment projection and appreciated the expectations for Chile within a "more complex international scenario where the expected growth for the world economy is reduced".

Larraín refused to share the Tax Reform project again, something that was part of the opposition's requests, which, after meeting this morning with its technical teams, gave a limit of 48 hours to & # The executive proposed a new proposal.

if this does not happen, it will be voted against the idea of ​​legislating, as confirmed by the deputies of the Christian Democrats, Pablo Lorenzini and his communist party, Daniel Núñez.

Key hours for tax reform. This afternoon the opposition party intends to introduce a new document to Minister Felipe Larraín as part of the Finance Committee's new session of the Chamber of Deputies.

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