Saturday , January 23 2021

The Blood Pact & Team team; Finishing recordings with a private party: even with a TV and Show awards ceremony

Some time ago, Ignacia Baeza revealed that there was a lot of cut & Still in a Pact of blood, however, the work for them has already come to an end, and we have to say goodbye.

In an interview with LUN, general director, Cristián Mason, said Friday was a hard day for everyone. "We fell on the issue of logistics, so we were against time. What followed was a very long recording day, with very final views."

After working until 9:50 pm, everyone got their stuff and went to celebrate the closing of this, which meant a lot of work, shown to the last minute. "Some of them even had their own costumes for the characters because they could not change," said Mason.

The party was held behind closed doors in the Ummo bar, in Providencia, where as well as sharing a pleasant moment, they could see chascarros and even win a prize. "We had a great time. The band of one of the directors was live music. I urged some awards that we gave: as the hardest ones, who won the props manager, the most beautiful that came to Josefina Montané and the most handsome to Hernán Contreras. I won no hahaha prize "says Baeza.

"We have seen some videos of shots, also some pictures that a companion took during the entire round recordings. We're so late dancing and we were all very happy", Added Antonia Bosman.

For all the team, this celebration went beyond a season of recordings, but to enforce a new way of making teleseries. "We all are very happy to do well. Also because I have marked a new way of doing things, I feel we can set a precedent by doing something different: a series of unexpected rhythm, with realistic, deep performances and a series more than a series, "Mason ended.

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