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The applicants are not rising in the Red in case Reinaldo Rueda continues – t The Red


© Agencia UNO The candidates are not rising in the Reds in case Reinaldo Rueda continues.

Former footballer and sports commentator, Luka Tudor, said the names were already in the ANFP to replace Colombia's coach. TVN


In the introductory of the friendly will disagree Chile of the front United States, the commentator DNA sports, Luka Tudor, sure there are two trainers in the ANFP who have that interest in case Reinaldo Rueda Do not continue in the job.

"If things don't work, Gustavo Quinteros has a great interest in them," said the former footballer, referring to the current coach t Catholic University and that his career has already directed the Ecuador and Bolivia national teams.


"The other would be Rafael Dudamel, who has a daughter studying in Chile. We are already looking at alternatives, "added Tudor about the candidates they would have in the ANFP to replace Rueda if they did not continue.

Dudamel currently directs Venezuela's choice, but his continuation is questioned after he denies the "politics" of the Vinotinto.


Chile vs. United States Tuesday, March 26 | 21 hours. | Our transfer is CDF, t


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