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The ANFP millionaire error leaves Palestine in the cornis Football


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Joaquin Sarmiento Agence France-Presse

History in South America football is repeated. The 2019 Libertadores Cup started debates after the previous edition's grotesque result and dragged this time with the Sudamericana Cup, after the possibility of disqualifying 21 clubs by Conmebol.

Only one month after the start of their international tournaments, the football-based organization in the region listed on Wednesday eight Frases, six of each Chile team, five Paraguay and two Venezuelan & Probably to be deleted due to the registration of good lists late. the faith of its players, breaking the rules and the competition.

And although some of them – those mentioned – roaming, others – their competitors – rub their hands and prepare a cascade of complaints.

"The presentation in time and form of player lists is the sole responsibility of clubs and member associations, and can not be attributed in any case to Conmebol," the entity warned in a statement and which ran like wild wildlife through participating club desks.

ANFP assumes the fines

Some, like Sao Paulo and Chapecoense or the University of Chile, had already been abolished at court, but the new open open frontage threatens to change the Libertadores significantly as a Sudamericana Cup.

From the first section, Atlético Mineiro, Palestine from Chile, could be seen at Libertad de Paraguay, apart from Sao Paulo and the University of Chile.

In South America, the explorers who are being investigated are Botafogo, Santos, Bahia, Fluminense, Corinthians and Chapecoense, and it will be held with Colo Colo, Antofagasta, Unión La Calera and Unión Spanish, Paraguayans Sol de America, Independiente, Deportivo Santaní a Guaraní, and Venezuelan Students from Mérida a Zulia.

The Conmebol explained that his Disciplinary Tribunal is studying the late registration of those involved, who will continue to "usually" participate in the tournaments until they know the definitive opinion.

"We are not silent. Beyond this, which can be good or bad, there is a deeper and extremely important subject and how the ANFP deals with & # 39; this good thing "

– Mario Salas, DT or Colo Colo.

Prior to that, on Thursday, the South American football governing body spent $ 15,000 (about 10 million pesos). For six people of Chile that are about the inconsistencies, their cost will be granted for the National Association of Professional Soccer (ANFP), as it is a mistake. In total, they will have to pay 90,000 dollars (about 60 million pesos).

In turn, the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announced a statement warning that the lists of club players that are related to that "entity" have signed and sent to Conmebol within the time limits established in the regulations. "

However, CBF admitted a failure in its computer systems, "which in any way constitute anomaly when registering the tools".

NO against Palestine

Independent Delegated on Thursday against Conmebol to Palestino, which was eliminating him from the Libertadores Cup 2019, receives Michael Gil, president of the Colombian club.

The executive said he had raised the claim on Wednesday before "at the beginning of the game (between Argentina) Talleres de Córdoba and Palestine" for the third phase of the Libertadores.

"We present the complaint to the Conmebol Disciplinary Tribunal," he said.

Joaquin Sarmiento Agence France-Presse
Joaquin Sarmiento Agence France-Presse

If the allegation has fruit, it would block a historic campaign for the Arabs. Palestine was able to eliminate Independence of Medellín in the second round of the tournament and connect 2-2 with Thalleres on Wednesday for the first time of the third stage.

He said this process will have a parallel route to the 10 million penalty that Conmebol has already issued against Palestine, because the penalty has been formalized, while this new allegation has is presented by the competitor to the Disciplinary Tribunal, which has the obligation to state according to the merit of the claim.

However, they would not be the only ones in trouble. For his part, Defensor Sporting attacked Atlético Mineiro and asked for the points lost on Wednesday in Montevideo, reducing 2-0 with the "Galo" in the first phase of the third phase of the Libertadores, reporting on Uruguay's press.

"Silent, no"

Despite the concern and changing the landscape, the Southern Cone was ready to call for silence.

The ANFP said on Wednesday that the error "would in any case result in losing points or games for the Chile clubs that have already played in the Sudamericana Cup and Libertadores."

But we already know that the view of the box is different from the point of view of the grass.

"We are not silent. Beyond this, which can be good or bad, there is a deeper and extremely important subject and how the ANFP deals with & # 39; this kind of thing, "said Mario Salas, Colo Colo coach yesterday Thursday

Unlike, unlike or undesirable, the fact is that there are mistakes in the Conmebol star competitions, once again in the pillory after the late 2018 Libertadores end.

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