Sunday , August 7 2022

The actor María José Quiroz presented his son and revealed a unique and exciting relationship with "black humor"


María José Quiroz won a great reputation with "La Shirley" or her "La Iluminadas" character in the Morandé con Compañía program.

That is why Friday morning the comedian visited the Mucho Gusto panel and his son Gaspar introduced, which revealed an unusual humor-based relationship.

"I have a black humor, I become illegal, I laugh very much about myself, my son (…) For me, the basis is to accept yourself as one and laugh, and from there to the outside, "Quiroz told the program.

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But his son said that his mother would have two extreme people: "Sometimes it's very heavy and sometimes very nice," explained the young man, adding, when at home, worried him; often.

"I always give him carvings, for example, suddenly Gaspar is listening to a song, and I said to him: Can you imagine this theme? I can imagine that it came to & # 39 ; ch school is completely naked and hanging around. 'She's telling me: Mom please!' "He said.

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