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The 10 best free games for Nintendo Switch

Today, we bring you a list with you The 10 best free games for Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo console receives many interesting releases, but if you want to find entertainment for free, here's a list where we have all kinds of genres, from MOBA to even pinball.

In this article, our partner has been helping us Frankie MB, a videogame specialist at the same time as an Engadget colleague and editor in VidaExtra. With your help, we have found the main services to find the free games, with plenty of variety for you to find the best suits. i taste.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Multi-play online game

Fortnite has the potential of the most popular Royale fight you can find, and you can also play it for free on Nintendo Switch. Also, as you have the possibility of crossing a game with the other consoles, you can play without restrictions with your friends regardless of the video game console they have at home.

It must be made clear that the Royale Battle It's just part of Fortnite, although the most successful is far away. So much, over time has just come out on many platforms, the Royale Battle, leaving a complete game that has gone to the background. In conclusion, this game does not require Nintendo Switch Online to be used.

War Frame

Third person shooter

Originally released in 2013 for PC with great results, this is an excellent third person shooter free He also ended up at consoles later, and since then he is considered one of the best free games that you can find.

We face one of those F2Ps where, when you're having a few hours being played, you think how it can be free to get so much of content and preferences. In fact, if you like third person shooters with a lot of space ninjas jumping, shooting, carrying burials and using magic, it is highly recommended that you put it into practice. Nintendo Switch Online is not required too.

Fallout Reserve

Strategy game

I've been surprisingly announced in 2015 as a small casual mobile game, but Fallout Shelter & # 39; has had so much success that he has stopped up for the consoles after going through the PC. In fact, at Nintendo Switch, you benefit from the touch screen to control the game with it as if it were with a tablet or with the control commands. The Bethesda game has been installed in its post-apocalyptic franchise, but it does not have much to do with conventional titles.

In this game you have to manage your own back-apocalyptic shelter, recruit tenants and breed for enough staff to provide clean food, energy and water. It also has a mission system that you can send your well trained tenants to explore the wilderness, and each one as you equip yourself to defend against assaults by zombies, gouls and bandits.


Fighting game

Yes, Nintendo Switch has a Super Smash Bros & # 39; Finally, but in case you want to try it alternative alternative and two-dimensional cartoon style graphics for free, it can be interesting to create by Blue Mammoth Games, a studio obtained in 2017 by Ubisoft. The game has You have a total of 40 legends to give you mamporros, and you can choose with a rotating system that can be selected or paid for all available.

In terms of the game modes, you can play online in 1v1 or 2v2 games, and all games against four and eight players. There will also be all sorts of local games and different game modes that will be added to always stop being the same.

Arena of Value


Arena of Value & # 39; is one of the most popular free-play games that exist for mobile devices, and has decided to try their luck on the Nintendo Switch. In order for us to understand each other, we could talk about this game like an alternative to LoL for the Nintendo console, one that also adapts well to physical controls.

The players will be involved in it 5v5, 3v3 or 1v1 games You can choose any of the more than 35 heroes available with different roles, including tanks, assessors, critics, warriors, shooters or others who will be supportive.


Team Square

Paladins & # 39; is a type of Overwatch & # 39; free to play. This hero shooter may not have the great Blizzard title designs, but he knows how to make up for it to offer it for free. His final version came in May 2018, with more than 10 million players.

The title itself is third person shooter by teams, and has a piece of more than 20 characters with their skills. Paladins & # 39; card system for a series of non-bad improvements, and during the game you can improve different aspects of the character.

Quest Pokémon

Adventure Game

Along with Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, at the beginning of 2018, Nintendo also announced an outstanding game based on the Pokémon world, its Pokémon Quest & # 39 ;. The game is completely different from the rest of the supplies in the series, as well as being free play, it is also available for Android and iOS.

The game takes us to the Island of Rodacubo with a team of three different Pokémon. All levels we do will serve, except for to strengthen our colleagues, to get medals that will make them more powerful or objects to cook the foundations needed to attract some types of Pokémon, among these are also the initials or even the legendary ones.

Dawn the cutters

3D action game

Dawn of the Breakers & # 39; is the name of the Breakers game: Dawn of Heroes & # 39; accepted in the West. A 3D action game takes place in modern Japan, and players face mysterious enemies called "Ghouls".

The adventure protagonist is a mysterious young amnesia and will have to combine his life as a secondary school student to be part of the Breakers superhero group. "The game has the classic story style that will help you only for the adventure like collaborative approach and Arena to face your friends

GALAK-Z: Variation S

Action RPG

There's a game that combines elements of role and space fighting, allowing you to use a spacecraft and a mech or huge robot. Its approach is simple, to finish enemy soldiers from bad punch to shoot with your ship or using your robot laser sword.

The game also contains other features with the intention of making you spend as much time as possible or even spending real money on it, such as collecting upgradable robots. There are also battles between players and daily challenges, each with a simple aesthetics with 2D graphics

Arcade Stern Pinball


And we're finishing classically in the classics, Pinball as the previous ones. In fact, the game is sponsored by the Stern Pinball company, which has been creating this type of recreational machines for decades. The game itself does not have much mystery, because if you've never played Pinball, this is practically the same.

In what points out, Stern's title goes in The vast amount of licenses it has for the different boards of your game. You'll see screens that have been installed in Ghostbusters, Star Trek, & # 39; The Last Great Hero & # 39; or Starship Troopers & many other people.

Have we lost your favorite?

As in all the lists, we probably have left some game that you think should be in. That is why we invite you to leave your offers in the comments. At the moment, the Nintendo Switch really has no choice with other consoles, but it's worth letting us also comment when it comes out that you should go on the list.

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